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A Canada Goose Jacket will keep you warm due to the thermal insulation quality of Down Parka Jacka,which comes from birds, and in particular geese and ducks, is a good thermal insulator because it reduces unwanted heat loss, making it so that your body does not have to produce as much heat in order to stay warm outdoors, even in cold temperatures.

CG55 Dun Jakker and vests also give the wearer the benefit of being quite lightweight. This is not always the case with other outerwear that offers similar warmth. If you are wearing Canadian jacket or vest while on the job, you may be doing repetitive tasks for several hours at a time. If so, you will want outerwear that is lightweight, so that it does not weigh you down as you try to get your work done.

How They Review for Canada Goose Jackets

Canadian Geese tell an interesting story every time you see them fly in the sky. Do you know why they fly in a V pattern? One goose always appears to be the leader at the front, but in fact that is not true. Geese will take turns leading the flock and facing the brunt of the wind and weather conditions as they break the trail for the others. It is easier to follow, but they all know at some point it is their turn to step up and lead the group. If one goose goes down for any reason, they will never do it by themselves. Others will break away from the group to support that bird so Herre/Dame can make its way back up and connect with the group again